Welcome to Definex

DefineX is a company of 3 friends, who like to learn, adapt and inovate. They don't see their problems as an unpleasant event but they see them as an opportunity to build and overcome it and lead the way for others to follow them. DefineX group has started many ventures but the one to define them is yet to come.

About Us

girl 1

Shamuwel ansari


Adam saudagar


girl 3

Alwaz khan

Co-admin of Miner

Furious Teamwork

With the busniness expertise and contacts of Shamuwel Ansari, computer science knowlege of Adam Saudagar, and Mechincal engineering and Mathematical skills of Alwaz Khan the trio is ready to tackle any challenges that come in their way.

Each with their own skill sets, try their best and synergizing to fulfill each others flaws, they can be a force to be recon with.



DefineX Miners is a group many young capitalists who wanted to invest in crypto currency but didn't like its volitality, so instead they opt to build a miner and GPU mine crypto. A GPU mining rig was build using the capital investment, and profits from the miner are then distributed among the group members.

DefineX Creative Studios

DefineX Creative Studio developes API, softwares and applications to ease the work and they also develop small games for entertainment of others. Most of the projects build by DCS are open-source. There has been 1 software and 1 API released officially on github and 1 mobile application released on the play store.


API, softwares and application developed by DCS are taught by Adam Saudagar on his youtube channel with a live following, views can also talk to the teacher on DefineX Community Discord server.


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